"It’s not that you were merely forgiven of sin by Christ.

It’s that you’re given grace to be so much more: for a mission specifically wired for you to heal your corner of the universe, to live a fully forgiven life that passionately seeks restoration in all the broken places. God saved you from sin, but He also made you for Him. He brought you from death to a real life, to not merely soak in but also pour out."
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Please, please, please do not rebuke your friend with self-satisfying relish. No one should ever enjoy rebuking a friend. There will be a shaking voice, tears in your eyes, trembling hands, a sincere conviction, and a heart dripping with gracious love. You won’t expect them to…

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"The person that makes you feel alive, is the person that can make you feel like you’re dying. What a fucking trap."
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The last three days were the most incredible memorable days I’ve experienced so far. I know that every breath I get is a gift from God, given for no other reason except that God allows it by grace, and I don’t ever want to take that for granted. I don’t ever want to get over being alive. It’s a…

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"When you know what Jesus did and you know who Jesus was —
you become like Jesus is and you do what Jesus does.
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C-Clown become consultants for fans



C-Clown’s new song, “Justice” is a song against bullying and stands up for the weak, serving justice, as it’s title suggests.

Thus, C-Clown have stood up for students who are currently going through a tough time at school or anywhere else, and have become therapists for those in need.


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Hehehe <3

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so hot &lt;3

so hot <3

:3 &lt;3

:3 <3

omgsh he&#8217;s so cute &lt;3

omgsh he’s so cute <3


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Fox Brothers

so cute :3 “fox brothers”


I found these pumpkin erasers


eating lemons.

their expressions are so CUTE! <3

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